Beauty After Betrayal™

Welcome to the Beauty After Betrayal™ podcast. As a Betrayal Trauma Specialist, Jenni Rochelle guides women who’ve been betrayed to reclaim and rediscover themselves so that they feel beautiful, alive, sexy and confident again. If you or somene you know has felt the devastation of a spouse’s sex addiction or betrayal, then this is your new podcast home. Jenni and her guests will inspire you, share their stories and their best tools so that you can claim your comeback moment and finally create a life you love. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen in as Jenni dives deep into what it really means to rise in Beauty After Betrayal™.

Jenni Rochelle works with women have survived discovering their husband’s sex addiction and betrayal and are ready to begin focusing on themselves and becoming the love of their own life. She is a certified life coach, yoga teacher and a spiritual director who has been trained according to the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists (APSATS).

Jenni is currently pursuing a Masters in Spiritual Formation at the Seminary of the Southwest. She is also a poet, a wife, a mom and a mystic. She loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling and pugs.